In our privately-owned facilities of total area 18.500 m², operate both the raw material factory and the paper processing plant as well as 10.000 m² of storage areas and offices.

The MAXI Paper Mill building accommodates high-end mechanical equipment from the Italian company RECARD S.p.A. fully harmonized with new technologies and innovations in the paper production field worldwide.

In the paper processing facilities operate the following 17 production lines:
– 2 toilet and kitchen paper lines
– 1 professional type toilet and kitchen paper line
– 3 paper tablecloth lines
– 6 napkin lines
– 2 zigzag & facial tissue lines
– 1 pocket tissue line
– 1 cellulose wadding line
– 1 aluminium foil line

The paper is being processed according to ISO 9001/2015 assuring finished product quality by a well trained and conscious work force.

A storage area offers adequate space for storage and loading of raw materials and finished products for delivery.