Three years later, in 1991, the production process was initiated, with small scale activities to produce toilet paper, kitchen paper and napkins, with a work force of eight employees, located at the 1st kilometre of the old Katerini – Thessaloniki motorway, where it remains until today.

However, it was year 2001 when significant investments took place for MAXI SA and resulted in high-tech production lines (PERINI) of toilet and kitchen paper, pocket and facial tissues, zigzag tissue and restaurant paper tablecloths which expanded the range of products and the paper market share.

In 2011, following the enormous processing demand both by the paper pulp market and the company itself, the most advanced papermaking plant called MAXI Paper Mill was created, capable of producing 85 tons of Jumbo Rolls per day or 28.000 tons per year.

In 2017, a second line of toilet and kitchen paper production was added to the existing equipment and a new 4.000 m² and 3.200 pallet-space storage facility was built.
Today, MAXI SA is a leading force in paper production and processing. Focusing on our customers’ ultimate satisfaction, we continue with the healthy and sustainable development of quality products, investing in highly trained human resources and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

Looking ahead, we continue our investments with a new Jumbo Roll production unit producing 40.000 tons a year. Combined with the existing production of 28.000 tons per year (68.000 tons in total), this move will allow MAXI Group to obtain more than 45% of the paper market.